Careers at Roll

Enjoy the freedom to do your job right

Working for Roll Global companies, you won’t be pressured to take shortcuts in search of quick profits to appease restless shareholders, because we don’t have any. As a privately held company, we donÆt answer to a board of directors or react to the whims of the stock market. Our decisions are driven by the long-term health of our company and our customers. As a Roll employee, your charge will be simple: Deliver quality and value in everything you do. And be ethical and transparent.


Our unique company credo is why our brands are growing at a remarkable pace, even during tough economic times. While many of our competitors struggle through the national downturn, we’ve achieved consistent year-over-year growth and added more than 1,500 employees over the last five years. By taking the long view and refusing to cut corners, weÆve transformed the healthy pomegranate into a worldwide phenomenon over the last decade and turned Wonderful Pistachios into AmericaÆs top-selling snack nut item in less than four years’ time.

Keep it in the family

We don’t believe our uncommon corporate ethos can be outsourced. That’s why we handle all facets of our operations in-house. We have our own management consulting group, our own marketing and communications agency, even our own shipping line. We’re a “vertically integrated” company, which means everyone on our team is striving together for excellence.


Roll employees value the creative, entrepreneurial and supportive environment we've created. We give you the freedom to innovate, and hold you accountable for results. The pace is fast around here, but you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who respect you, believe in teamwork and want you to succeed.

Live your values at work

We measure success by more than numbers on a spreadsheet; we gauge our progress by how much we give back to communities and the rest of the world. Whether we’re restoring a Fijian rainforest, building a preschool for underserved kids in California’s Central Valley, or deploying clean energy to power our company’s new processing facility, we believe in doing well by doing good. It’s why our employees are each given up to $1,000 in company money to donate to the charities of their choosing. And it’s why we put corporate responsibility and sustainability at the center of everything we do. 

Thrive in a healthy environment

When you come to Roll, you’ll join a company that’s made a conscious decision to market healthy, natural consumer products-fresh fruits, water and nuts that provide nourishment-and beautiful flowers that bring smiles to people’s faces. At our Los Angeles headquarters, we fill our offices with inspiring art; provide generous wellness subsidies to our staff; and offer affordable, healthy dining prepared by an accomplished gourmet chef. We believe in work-life balance and will make sure you have time to exercise, enjoy your family and follow your passions. 


So explore career opportunities with the Roll Global brands and discover a better way of doing business.